I’m afraid

The best way to predict the future is to think about what frightens you. The problem with fear is that it tends to be bounded by what’s actually possible; as we grow older, our imaginations seem to develop artificial caps that limit our ideas to fears that are reasonably achievable in the short term. But who cares what is reasonable? Here’s what I fear.

I’m afraid of disease, and mostly I am afraid of dying because of a disease.

I’m afraid of being fat.

I’m afraid of flying.

I’m afraid that the abundance of food in my refridgerator will decompose before I get to eat it.

I’m afraid of people in far-away lands. They aren’t as good as people who live in my neighborhood.

I’m afraid of doctors, and I’m afraid the human body might not be a totally predictable and understandable machine.

I’m not afraid of unmanned flying drones delivering a sandwich to me.

I’m afraid that even though I am incredibly wealthy by the standards of the majority of the world, it’s still not affordable for me to stay in a fancy hotel in London.

I’m afraid of buying something that 80% of the world doesn’t love.

I’m afraid of my own lack of expertise.

I’m afraid of being without high-speed internet access for even a day.

I’m afraid of being forced to do anything that isn’t connected to and enhanced by the internet.

I’m afraid of something going wrong with the world’s electrical grid, because it powers my internet.

However, despite my fear of doctors and disease, I am not afraid of having a computer display embedded into my retina.

I am Dvstin Cvrtis. If you liked reading about my fears, you can read about my desires here.


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